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Friday, October 3, 2014

My new tattoo!

I'm SO excited to share my new tattoo! 
The tattoo artist is Noa Ben Noon - who did an AMAZING job 
I'm so happy with the final result!

Here it is!

Uli, the Blue Great Dane in the photo, was really special to me, I loved her dearly and was shattered when she died almost 5 years ago. I considered tattooing something to do with her on my body but until recently wasn't sure how to do that exactly. I'm really happy I decided on this tattoo and also of the placement of it. 

The tattoo is quite big (starts right bellow the bra line, stretches over my ribs and finishes in line with my bellybutton). I should also say it's brand new - the photo was taken right after it was finished so naturally it hasn't healed yet. I might do another shoot of it when it's healed together with my dog - Uli's son - who quite resembles her. 

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