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New York - Ruthie Knox

New York is a Contemporary MF Romance series by Ruthie Knox. The series contains three books, the first two of the Fredericks sisters May and Allie each finding her HEA [The third isn't out yet..]. As always Ruthie's books are beautifully written, funny, engaging, VERY difficult to put down and simply a joy to read.  

♦ If the last name Chamberlain rings a bell it probably means you've read "About Last Night" by Ruthie. The MC in that book is Winston's brother. Winston is a sort of a "villain" in that book, here he gets his redemption and we get a glance to revisit Nev and Cath's 5 years after their book. It's one of the first I've read by her and simply ADORED. I really wish find the time to re-read it.  

1. Truly [May Fredericks & Ben] (Published 5 August 2014) ★
2. Madly [Allie Fredericks & ♦ Winston Chamberlain ♦] (Published 14 March 2017) ★★½
3. Completely [???] (To be Published 20 June 2017)

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