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Thanks for visiting my blog! 

My name is Meital, 35 years old from Israel. I'm here rumbling about my favorite (and least favorite) books and sometimes just getting excited about my everyday life (or changes I'm doing around here).

I've managed a few blogs in my past, mostly my daily life and interest in Beauty and Makeup but this blog is all about my passion for reading and summarizing my thoughts about the books I've read.

I review EVERY book I read. If it was great - naturally, but also if I hated it with a passion! hehe well, I will NEVER write something like that, I will explain as best as I can why I didn't find a certain book compelling. What were the specific issues that put me off reading. 

So how do I rate? 

Well, the 4-4½-5 stars rating are books I really enjoyed. I tend to reduce ½ to 1 star when things annoy me but I felt the book was still excellent as it is and I would definitely re-read it if given the chance (though of late that rarely actually happens).

When we get to 3 stars rating, well, that's a book that was an okay read, I probably finished it because I was curious to see how things resolved or the characters interested me even though the plot wasn't that compelling. Maybe it's a part of a series so I'm finishing the book mostly because I know I'll probably need some knowledge invested within the plot or sub-plot. Anyhow it's not a book I would re-read. 

The 1-2 stars rating are probably books I haven't finished reading. Whenever that happens I add the "DNF" tag and also state the percentage of the book I DID read. It's either I got overly annoyed with something I couldn't ignore or the plot or characters weren't of interest. I have a few low rating books I actually finished reading but I think that now that I read so much, I don't give books the benefit of the doubt as much as I used to. My general feel is if a book isn't of interest to me at the quarter to third mark, it won't get better, not enough for me to keep on going. I try giving those DNF as much chance as I can but I can't say that I get to at least the quarter mark with all of them.  

I manage my reading list quite obsessively on GoodReads (feel free to follow me :)). I make lists on lists of the books I plan on reading and WHEN I plan on reading them. It's just that I'm quite overwhelmed with the amount of books I'm surrounded with I need to organize them somehow so I won't get totally lost - forget about a new book in a series, or a new book by an author I love. 

The feature I'm most proud of here is my "Series Pages". On the Menu Bar you can see a drop down by series category (PNR, Contemporary & Historical, Romantic Suspense, Erotica, New & Young Adult), in each drop down there is a list of the series I've read and summarized. 
The series with the ♣ symbol are finished (no more books to be published). 

I used to have series I abandoned on the menu as well but decided on giving them up instead I added the "Series" scroll down (similar to the "Author List") where you can find a link to the series' tag (for ALL series, including the ones with a series page) - these two scroll down can be found on the top right bar (below) the main menu bar.

In each Series Page there is a general idea of what this series is about, my personal review of it, the book covers and list of books including my rating and review of them. In some series (mostly the PNR ones) I also added data on the characters and their special features (some of it might contain spoilers but I always alert if that's the case). 

Yeah, there is A LOT of data in those pages and I keep updating them whenever I read another book. 

I love working on my blog, writing reviews and generally organizing the pages and overall look. But naturally my great passion is reading on my Kindle Paperwhite. I love the peace and quiet of sitting at home with a wonderful book, my dogs laying around me, my daily concerns disappear as I wander through the words. 

I usually read Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance, Erotica and New Adult (both M/F and M/M). I sometimes try out more genres but these are my "go-to" genres (like Historical Romance I'm dabbing into these days..). 

My other interests are dogs. I have two sweetlings at home. I am the secretary of a local pure breed club, I enjoy partaking in dog shows and helping out whenever I can when people are looking for a dog or general advice, mostly concerning my club (having the most knowledge in).  

I love everything and anything Makeup. I'm quite unconventional about it, have no problem wearing red eyeshadows or blue lipstick (whenever the occasion suits ;)). I thought about adding a few other interests to this blog including makeup but right now I don't think it's "right". See how it goes in the future.

My other interests are Horses, Tattoos, Metal, Motorcycles.

I laugh at myself saying I rather be as shallow as one can get - life is usually more easy and enjoyable this way ;) though I admit I don't usually take my advice on the matter :)

Since English isn't my mother tongue please excuse me if I make a few mistakes. I mostly read in English since until recently there wasn't a real option of adding books in Hebrew on my precious Kindle. I guess I'll be adding books in Hebrew in the future but strangely enough most of my reading friends read mostly in English so I don't get a lot of recommendations to read in my native tongue.

Feel free to comment or contact me. I'd love to hear your opinion on books I've read or books you think I'll also enjoy. I'm open minded and usually don't bite - try me ;)

Typical reading position.

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