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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Immortal by Amy Lane

I'm confused.. This book was captivating in SUCH a strange way and then came the ending and frankly I don't even know how to react. I feel like quoting the kid from The Princess Bride "Jesus granda, what did you read me this thing for?". So yeah, I enjoyed this book though it's hard for me to say what made it so special. It was difficult to read, not because it wasn't interested - IT WAS! It just had the most strange language I'm surprised I even understood what anyone were saying! It was like a sort of Irish slang maybe? Yet as the story progressed I was more and more sure of my "footing" and actually got exactly what they were saying. It made sense, everything started to make more sense as the story came together, the ending finally explaining the strange magic of this world. I expected something totally different and was surprised that in the end it was simply a love story, one with a lot of pain and so much loss, of anger and frustration when dealing with pure evil yet unwilling to truly succumb to it for love should conquers all. 

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Christmas Kitsch by Amy Lane

Heart breakingly beautiful. This book kept me on the edge of tears for SO LONG. Rusty's POV was agonizing to read. I felt sorry for him, I hoped for him and Oliver with the blanket of love and security he thrown over Rusty was sort of a miracle. Rusty is a simple guy which also means he has "simple thoughts" or rather HONEST thoughts about everything and everybody, he doesn't have one mean bone in his body and he has the biggest heart, his love story, his sort of "coming of age" story was painful as it was beautiful.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Midnight Unbound (Midnight Breed #14.6) [Scythe & Chiara] by Lara Adrian

A fun enjoyable read in the series, really enjoyed it. Both Scythe and Chiara needed to find a "break", find each other, someone who sees them and accepts them despite their past, or rather they needed to let the past lay where it should and be able to move past it into each other's arms. It was a short novella, Had a bit of everything I guess, drama, action and steamy sex. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Madly (New York #2) by Ruthie Knox

It's been a while, a LONG while since I've read any of Ruthie's books, and it's all her fault, since I've read everything she published and so I was waiting patiently for a new release. So I was already pumped about this book, THEN I learnt that the MC in this one is no other than Nev's bigger brother from "About Last Night" which is probably my favorite book by Ruthie (and one of the first I've read by her). Keeps getting better and better without me even starting to read hehe I LOVED Winston in this one even if he was "the villain" in Nev and Cath's book. Let's just say he had his reasons and he managed to make amends with his brother (and partner). Now 5 years later it's time for him to find HIS happiness with the colorful Allie we've met in the previous installment - May's little sister.

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