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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Live and Learn by Mary Calmes

This one was SHORT! Yet it actually DID have a romantic story and even a lesson to be learned.
Robert Owens is frustrated, he is at a club with his friends and boyfriend Teague Powers and while trying to be a "cool guy" he drives Teague to dance with Hunter, a guy Teague has known for years and spend many nights with.. Truth is he is NOT okay with it at all.. But Teague isn't as oblivious as Rob thinks..

Where You Lead by Mary Calmes

Though short this was actually a sweet short novella. Our MCs are already a formed couple their issue is more than the usual "taking a step up" in their relationship since Carver needs to return home to his sleepy little town of Colt after his mother suffered a stroke and needs help taking care of. Question is, what would Pete do? Stay in Chicago or follow the love of his life home. 

Monday, September 11, 2017

Temporary by Sarina Bowen & Sarah Mayberry

Beautiful! SO SO beautiful! Sarina and Sarah were perfect together as were the two MCs - Callan and Grace. The story that brought these two together was so touching. Callan lost his uncle, the one constant in his life who made him the person he is today, but his mother is determined to delete all his doing by getting rid of everything he owned and everything he stood for by disposing of his belongings. She uses Grace, a temp at the New York offices to do that job. Yet even though Jack wasn't alive anymore he WAS alive throughout Callan's memories and through his house who is the main setting of the book. I felt connected to Jack even though he wasn't even there. I shed a tear at his eulogy and was heart broken for him many times. I feel as though I WISH I actually "met" him and I have a feeling Grace feels exactly the same. 

Play On (Glasgow Lads, #0.5) by Avery Cockburn

Something didn't work for me in this one. It might be the Scottish jargon I was unfamiliar with, which "helped" with me not really getting the two MCs. There's an undercurrent of events that happened in Duncan's soccer team and though it was explained I couldn't care for the team because I didn't know them and Duncan was just sulking around about it. Brodie seemed too fragile for my liking and mostly too defensive. I didn't like that things was explained LATER rather than NOW, on too many accounts. What happened between the two of them (still not sure at 35%), what happened with the team, what's the issue with a LGBT soccer team and what does it mean? What happened to Brodie to make him hate athletes. I would have loved for ONE straight answer throughout this short novella. 

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