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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Dangerous Territory by Cari Z. ~~~ ★★★★½ ~~~

I really enjoyed this story though the beginning was a little bit confusing for me. The Paranormal aspect of the story are the shifters. They are known to the human world but not really accepted. When Carter needs to move his cattle FAST in order to sell them before everyone else does (in a better price) he has no other chance but to take a shifter guide and hope for the best, it's not only Rani he doesn't like or trust it's also the rain which could flood the way and kill the cattle AND the venomous gigantic snakes. YIKES! 

Monday, January 16, 2017

Hunting a Lady by Cari Z. & Caitlin Ricci ~~~ ★★★★★ ~~~

Another sweet story by Cari and Caitlin. Really enjoyed this one. I'm labeling it Historical Romance though truthfully, it feels like a sort of Fantasy world, or at least, the timing feels like it (there are no Paranormal elements in the story). It's a short adventure leading to so much more possibility than either one expected to find. 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Worth the Wait by Cari Z. & Caitlin Ricci ~~~ ★★★★★ ~~~

What a sweet sweet holiday novella! I LOVED it! Christmas is 3 days away and Tate promised his little niece he'll get her the new book signed by her favorite author. He planned on coming early to the signing he just didn't know how crazy it's going to get! Though he is soaking wet he waits patiently in line and that's how he meets Brandon who offers him to share his umbrella.

Steamroller by Mary Calmes ~~~ ★ ★ ★ ★ ~~~

This was a short sweet novella, I enjoyed both MC - Vincent Wade (our sole POV) and Carson Cress, yet at times I wasn't sure I'm TOTALLY liking their dynamics. As the name suggests, Carson comes at Vincent like a steamroller, not giving him a chance to really consider saying no. For me he was a bit TOO pushy, and yet he WAS sweet, and he went after what he wanted even though it would have unknown (probably negative) consequences.. Being a star quarterback is one thing, being a GAY one is totally a different story. Yet Carson have been wanting Vincent for the past year and he is NOT letting him go now. 

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