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Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Dark Tide (Adrien English #5) by Josh Lanyon

Well, it's finally behind me. I can finally say I know what everyone is talking about when they mention Adrien English, and yet I can't say that I was overly impressed, not by this specific novel, and not by the previous ones in the series. I guess we got what we wanted in this one, there IS a HEA, and yet I can't say that I felt pleased when I closed my kindle. 

The previous book ended with Adrien in the hospital after being shot. This book starts about three weeks after he also undergoes the open heart surgery he needed to have. He is depressed, emotionally detached from everything that is happening around him, though he cares about Jake, and even after everything Jake did for him he is holding him at an arms length which was frankly exhausting.. The relationship with Guy is STILL not really resolved though it should have been, and the unexpected appearance of Mel (his "mythological" ex) was totally unnecessary. Why did we need the whole "gang" for Adrien to make up his mind that the one he wants and needs is Jake?! 

The mystery was all over the place and too much out of date - finally the remains of a man who disappeared from the hotel (which is now Adrien's book store) in the 50s is found during renovations and so Adrien has one last chance for a bit of sleuthing, even with Jake's (sort of) approval / help. I didn't like how it ended and what was implied, I didn't like the fact that more could have gotten wrong were the story ended and we don't get to read about it and see there is no harm done to both Adrien and Jake and I also didn't appreciate how things were left with the cop who was antagonizing both Adrien and Jake. 

Yeah we finally get the long awaited HEA for Jake and Adrien, and I liked how it was played out (though it was WAY too slow), I think the things that needed to be said WERE said, but I would have appreciated a little bit more of them together as a couple. 

It was better than the first 3 novels, not as good as the previous one was. I think if I would recommend this series it would be just the last two, but I'm not sure I will.. Yeah the writing is STILL superb, I love how witty it is, and yet everything else seems to be lacking. The mystery, the romance and the lack of conclusion in too many fronts. I wish it would have been "more" and it simply wasn't. A nice enough read, but I won't ever read it again. Also I'm not sure about other books by Josh, no more amateur sleuthing for me that's for sure!

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 307 pages, 27-31 October 2015 / On GoodReads

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